03 August 2017


Persimmon are such an amazing fruit which I only became a fan of in recent years.

The tree comes from a genus called Diospyros, which literally means Zeus' wheat or food of the Gods.

And there is something quite supernal about the sweetness of a perfectly ripe persimmon.

This plate full was only $6 from my local farmers market a few months ago (frog not included).

I also like that it can take up to two months before it is ready to eat, so it is the patience-fruit too.

The main thing to know is there is an astringent variety which must be almost rotten before it can be eaten.

Some online research led me to discover hoshigaki which I am now committed to trying in Japan next time I go there. It is a way of preparing and storing the astringent variety.

Although there is plenty of talk of the other varities being okay to eat while firm, they are just that - okay. They taste infinitely better when they are squishy and have a jelly or jam like consistency, as can be seen below.

The last one from my bowl inspired me to write a poem.

Ripe persimmon
Some other world
of perfection
Flowers do not
taste of honey.

I stumbled on the Zenrin-kushū online and I think it inspired this poem!

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