15 August 2017

The golden cup
of day
I sail upon
the sunset way.


My hearts peace forever knows
Dawn is immediate salvation.


I'm not sure about the second poem - I only have a vague memory of writing it when falling asleep and was surprised to find it a day later.


Beloved is the name of my exhibition.

This is my first exhibition and I will be showing 12 framed works ranging in size from postcard to A2. Nothing is for sale, these are my favourite pieces I framed to decorate over the last few years. It will be strange emptying my own walls for two weeks.

At some point my plan was to have an exhibition like this and lanuch a poetry collection at the same time, but I have not got round to making a book yet.


Smith's Alternative
29 August 2017

Link coming.

It will run until around 10 September so if you can't come to the opening take a look some other time.

12 August 2017

The setting sun
teaches me


Who can deny
the satisfaction-heart
of Peace?


Peace brings
the fulfillment-shore
to us.


The path through the woods,
Well trodden,
Into night.


The power
of silence
is absolute.


The fragrance
of aspiration
is intoxicating.

Some different postcards, mixing up the colours.

10 August 2017

Recent poems on Japanese postcards. The paper has a fleck in it which you can see when I used the flash.

Those who belong to the dawn
Will never sleep
In the bosom of death.


We may not know perfection
But this is our only destination.

The music of hearts
I want to speak.


My prayer-life
is the humility heart
that rules the world.

All compassion
are the eyes
of loving kindness.


When evening comes
My silence-heart
Embraces the night
And tucks away
The cares of day.

The first flowers of spring
Are singing in my heart today.
Unbidden is my life.
Unawakened is my mind.

03 August 2017


Persimmon are such an amazing fruit which I only became a fan of in recent years.

The tree comes from a genus called Diospyros, which literally means Zeus' wheat or food of the Gods.

And there is something quite supernal about the sweetness of a perfectly ripe persimmon.

This plate full was only $6 from my local farmers market a few months ago (frog not included).

I also like that it can take up to two months before it is ready to eat, so it is the patience-fruit too.

The main thing to know is there is an astringent variety which must be almost rotten before it can be eaten.

Some online research led me to discover hoshigaki which I am now committed to trying in Japan next time I go there. It is a way of preparing and storing the astringent variety.

Although there is plenty of talk of the other varities being okay to eat while firm, they are just that - okay. They taste infinitely better when they are squishy and have a jelly or jam like consistency, as can be seen below.

The last one from my bowl inspired me to write a poem.

Ripe persimmon
Some other world
of perfection
Flowers do not
taste of honey.

I stumbled on the Zenrin-kushū online and I think it inspired this poem!