30 July 2017

O dawn of my heart
Your smile is
the liberation of my life.

My sunset-life
is a boat
that never lands.

26 July 2017

The clear light says:
"Bliss I feel.
Bliss I am."


Obedience is an inner quality,
Not an outer slavery.


My poetry
is always
The ecstasy
of now.



The golden light
Shines right through me,
On the bus, on the way,
Travelling home.


From the cup of delight
The sky has poured its molten colours.


I look around and seek my reflection
That where the light shines.


Never forget
the joys
of a simple thing
done well.


For the longest time
I have been trying
to learn Your Song.
Through many lifetimes
the tune has escaped me
Even as I always dance
to Your Melody.


God and science will never
go out to dinner together
Science is always hungry
for destruction
God is always hungry
for oneness
Science makes a mess
God tastes Bliss

17 July 2017

Yorkston Thorne Khan

This may be my first music review, but I really enjoy this Scottish-folk-Indian-traditional-something band.

False True Priya is from their second album Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars.

I liked that album so much I bought their first album Everything Sacred. This track is called Little Black Buzzer. First I had no idea what it was about, then I decided it must be a mobile phone - right?

No, this song is a cover of a relatively obscure song by one Ivor Cutler and he is talking about Morse code and the song has Morse in it too.

Here is Sufi Song also.

15 July 2017

Then to the beauty
of the Canberra morn'

Some borrowed light
but reflected glory

O' the source from
whence chips too arise

And fall

12 July 2017

How bright
shines the
golden eve,
And yet from
coming dark
no reprieve.