22 June 2017

Kamakura Buddha

Here are some poems and pictures from my visits to the Kamakura Daibutsu in May 2017.

On that trip to Japan, I stayed in Kamakura for five nights simply because I enjoy visiting the Daibutsu so much. Then I went to Kyoto and Hiroshima before staying in Asakusa. This let me visit the Daibutsu every day again as it is only an hour from Tokyo. It was nine visits to the temple I think, usually for two to three hours each time.

Between the suffering-world
And the world of delight
Let me make
The right choice -
The wise choice.


This world has no taste.

Deisre -
The unquenchable hunger.
Aspiration -
The satisfaction thirst.

The gate of the universe:

The life of truth:

A tree
does not
become big
by rushing.

In winter, snow.
In summer, sun.
Winter, summer.
Autumn, spring.
Here is no escape.

Not only tourists, but many monks make the pilgrimage to the Daibutsu. In the orange robe is a monk from Thailand who was kind enough to let me take a selfie with him. In the ochre, is a monk from Taiwan. He was way less into it, but let one of his brothers take the shot. A few days later, I was really dissapointed when I saw a monk from Burma in a burgundy robe and didn't get a chance to take a picture with him!

In the rays
Of the
Eternal sun.

The walk into silence
leaves no-one unchanged.

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