20 February 2017

Kamakura, prose and poetry

2 September 2016 and 3 September 2016

It says most about my purpose of course, but I am surprised there are not hordes of pilgrims walking from Kamakura Station to Kotoku-in, home of the Daibutsu.

It is hotter than I thought it would be, very humid, 
and the temple is fairly quiet as a result.

At the feet of the Buddha, 
under a gingko and a maple, 
I find relief from the heat, 
and the shade of the spirit too.

A cool wind blows, 
rising and falling 
like the song of the cicadas.

Last time I was here it was like a world-shaking power. 

This time is is like sinking into the silence of the deepest sea.

The ever-deepening

The heart of friendship is like music.

While we are all the time 
trying to understand our ugliness,
God is only appreciating our beauty.

To turn our awareness away from our imperfections 
is the only way to perfection.

Love is
an ever-blossoming

My heart-fragrance
only wants
to spread.

The nature of Peace
Is to give
And never take.

The problem, I suspect,
is that we don't love ourselves,
not that we do not love one another.

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