07 January 2017

Yamato Takeru in Kenroku-en

This statue of Yamato Takeru, aka Prince Ōsu, commemorates the Satsuma Rebellion - because not everyone dug the Emperor Meiji.

This Prince was a real person born around the time the Roman Catholic church was just kicking off, so he's 'mythological'.

With the quenching of the fire of rebellion nurtured by the rōnin, the long standing way of life of the samurai in Japan was decisively over. The door to the West would never close again and the country started swallowing capitalism whole at the Emperor's urging.

Anyway, all this is by way of introduction to Kenroku-en, the famous garden of Kanazawa.

The garden is at least 350 years old and belonged to the ruling samurai of the region.

Kanazawa translates as 'marsh of gold'. I think that is why there are gold flecks visible on the top of the statue's pedestal if you enlarge the picture.

Next to the statue you will find this pine tree - a piece of mighty sculptural magnificence.

September 2016

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