10 January 2017

Visit to Hiroshima

I also went to Hiroshima in 2015, so this is the story of my second visit.

I think most people who visit Japan go to Hiroshima. After Tokyo, Kyoto is probably the biggest destination for tourists and then Hiroshima is only about two hours away on the Shinkansen.

It is a super easy city to get around, the tram system is simple to work out and has cheap tickets. Accommodation within walking distance of the Peace Memorial Park is plentiful, inexpensive by Japanese standards and high quality.

I recommend experiencing a sunrise and sunset in the Peace Park if possible, but just do a day trip from Kyoto if necessary. The island of Miyajima is very close to Hiroshima too, but that is another story.

I wrote quite a few poems this time.

As part of the Children's Peace Memorial paper cranes are displayed.

Yesterday's Peace
is not
today's meal.

Children's Peace Memorial

Obama came to visit in 2016

You can sound this crane inside the Children's Peace Memorial

Only the
fresh hearts
Can mend
my grief.

To a friend's work back home - nice synergy

is our world-responsibility

The message of Hiroshima:
Let every soul
ring the peace-bell.

Anyone is allowed to ring this bell!

Peace is to bow.
And bow.
And bow.
A privilege indeed.

Peace is the song
Which knows
How to appreciate beauty.

This crane was a gift from a wandering local

My heart-salutation
To the day.

Another friendly local offered to take my picture at sunset

A little Peace
is not enough.
Infinite Peace
I need.

13 September 2016

While composing this post, I wrote another poem. It was inspired by a picture I took of a stone which the youth of Fort William, Scotland and Dudley, Worcestershire, England felt compelled to present to the youth of Hiroshima in 1972. The Peace Park contains many intriguing sculptures and such.

Peace is
not a new discovery,
But the ancient summit
of our life-mountain.

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