29 January 2017

The footsteps I hear

Your Constitution
is Your
in the

29 January 2017

Californians - in an inimitable style

New York, New York

When that time again so soon
When time doth demand answer:

When does conscience 
No longer heed the call of duty?

Now it is so clear why
the Australian Government likes to keep their refugees prisoners on islands:
They know good people
will not sit to see the suffering so close and will act to stop it
And so again, the delay, delay, delay, in providing medical care
This time for a pregnant mother and child,

Last time this happened, protesters forced the government
to keep the baby girl in Australia,
Rather than ship her off to live
in a cage of its lawful constructions -
That such a vile condundrum
should raise its face to the light in Australia!
Now the fate of this woman and child sit like a stone
upon the hearts of our leaders,
When this weight could be no burden at all,
Instead, the generous freedom of honest welcome
Our child-nation, ancient-land
so surely owes to those who come by boat.

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