05 January 2017

Debt and the nation

I can not remember where I read Australia's refugee policy defines our nation -
it being the ultimate measure of how our society chooses to treat the vulnerable;
however, it was Christmas Eve when another refugee, Faysal Ishak Ahmed died
as a result of being sent to Manus Island and the lack of care he received there.
Around that time, issues with Centrelink debts
blew up in the media and have received continuous attention since.
But are we not at this moment only seeing
A mirror held up to the premise
That as we have let the Australian Government get away
With murdering refugees
They now have no qualms with going after
The weak (or you can say disempowered citizenry)
with the plain aim to keep the poor poor,
Shaming, then denying succor and support
From the state to those who need it,
While their own cheeks swell from
Sucking so hard direct on the teats
Of the tax cow the majority tend so well,
With not a grape bought to the table
By pillaging greedy multinational
Conglomerates plundering our natural resources
and always begging poor with special rules, like "Wilson!"
parking cars or bodies, on behalf of
the permanently-alert-state-of-terror,
Where we decide how any
Who comes to this country
By boat gets to die
and the circumstances
in which they die.
Right now,
It's war upon the
victims of our wars:
We must not let them
multiply upon our shores!

It's admirable that the media, of all stripes it seems, is persisting with the issue of Centrelink debts, but the real question for the nation is why are we still okay with Australia's refugee pogrom?

I fear that particular debt belongs to every Australian.

First things first.

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