31 January 2017

No camera,
No eye,
Only the heart can fly
Beyond the sunset-sky.

25 January 2017

You are not inside my sky

You are not inside my eye

You always sing the song of my cry

You always are the life of my smile 

Mt Ainslie
31 January 2017

29 January 2017

The footsteps I hear

Your Constitution
is Your
in the

29 January 2017

Californians - in an inimitable style

New York, New York

When that time again so soon
When time doth demand answer:

When does conscience 
No longer heed the call of duty?

Now it is so clear why
the Australian Government likes to keep their refugees prisoners on islands:
They know good people
will not sit to see the suffering so close and will act to stop it
And so again, the delay, delay, delay, in providing medical care
This time for a pregnant mother and child,

Last time this happened, protesters forced the government
to keep the baby girl in Australia,
Rather than ship her off to live
in a cage of its lawful constructions -
That such a vile condundrum
should raise its face to the light in Australia!
Now the fate of this woman and child sit like a stone
upon the hearts of our leaders,
When this weight could be no burden at all,
Instead, the generous freedom of honest welcome
Our child-nation, ancient-land
so surely owes to those who come by boat.

21 January 2017

To love Me is to know Me
To know Me is to see Me
To see Me is to love Me


Love is the beginning
And the end:
Why do you need
to worry about the middle?

14 January 2017


Gyokuro means jade dew
see the colour
of the green tea

burnt cedar coasters
clear glass tea cup

hohin means treasuer jar
style of tea pot

Pot and tea from Okayama

An excellent shopping city

10 January 2017

Visit to Hiroshima

I also went to Hiroshima in 2015, so this is the story of my second visit.

I think most people who visit Japan go to Hiroshima. After Tokyo, Kyoto is probably the biggest destination for tourists and then Hiroshima is only about two hours away on the Shinkansen.

It is a super easy city to get around, the tram system is simple to work out and has cheap tickets. Accommodation within walking distance of the Peace Memorial Park is plentiful, inexpensive by Japanese standards and high quality.

I recommend experiencing a sunrise and sunset in the Peace Park if possible, but just do a day trip from Kyoto if necessary. The island of Miyajima is very close to Hiroshima too, but that is another story.

I wrote quite a few poems this time.

As part of the Children's Peace Memorial paper cranes are displayed.

Yesterday's Peace
is not
today's meal.

Children's Peace Memorial

Obama came to visit in 2016

You can sound this crane inside the Children's Peace Memorial

Only the
fresh hearts
Can mend
my grief.

To a friend's work back home - nice synergy

is our world-responsibility

The message of Hiroshima:
Let every soul
ring the peace-bell.

Anyone is allowed to ring this bell!

Peace is to bow.
And bow.
And bow.
A privilege indeed.

Peace is the song
Which knows
How to appreciate beauty.

This crane was a gift from a wandering local

My heart-salutation
To the day.

Another friendly local offered to take my picture at sunset

A little Peace
is not enough.
Infinite Peace
I need.

13 September 2016

While composing this post, I wrote another poem. It was inspired by a picture I took of a stone which the youth of Fort William, Scotland and Dudley, Worcestershire, England felt compelled to present to the youth of Hiroshima in 1972. The Peace Park contains many intriguing sculptures and such.

Peace is
not a new discovery,
But the ancient summit
of our life-mountain.

09 January 2017

Lots by Marc Martin

This is a cool book.

32 pages A4 size hardcover with double spreads in watercolour show lots of things in different cities of the world as a way of telling the story of each place. The Alice Springs spread for example includes lots -a huge flock- of budgerigars.

Along with the cover, below are a few shots from the Tokyo spread: the famous Shibuya crossing with lots of people and the Hayabusa next to the box of a model of same I bought for my nephew on my travels.

Japan does have lots of trains and I have always found HyperDia indispensable for planning how to get around.

RRP $24.95

08 January 2017


pronounced ski-gee

This most famous in the world massive wholesale fish market
provides astoundingly fresh sushi, sashimi and shopping
in a couple of large blocks worth of lanes of shops and stalls next door.

I haven't actually been to the inner market, but have had breakfast at the same stall twice in the outer market. It was the only place open when I went there in October 2015 and even though absolutely everything was open in September 2016 I went straight back there again - I just seemed to gravitate to a place I had already been as comforting and familiar.

I ate these two plates for breakfast at one sitting on my second visit!

The orange balls are salmon roe, ikura, which means fish eggs in Russian - balls of salty sweet tasty zestiness. Best from early September until mid-October. "Ikura?" is also how you ask, "How much?" in Japanese.

The brown goo, or gold-coloured delicacy if you prefer, is uni, the gonads of sea urchin, uber-umami flavour.

Neither ikura or uni began to be consumed in Japan until after World War II. They may not be around today if they had been on the menu for hundreds of years. I read science whch said it will be very surprising if the seas contain such tuna as are fished today a few hundred years hence, maybe sooner.

After all, vast swathes of Australian coral have been lost due to just 0.8 of a degree rise in the ocean's surface temperature, but still the Premier of Queensland bows to Adani. But don't be fooled, it wouldn't matter who was playing that role for there is nothing so venal as the relationship between current and former politicians in Australia across a range of industries, including the resources sector.

Otherwise, fatty tuna and super fatty tuna is definitely what these sets were all about. Super fatty tuna comes from the throat of the fish apparently.

The egg is called tamago.

If you visit Tsukiji, I also recommend wandering and eating little at a lot of places to try more of the variety of things on offer. It was possible to just order the items in my bowls individually as sashimi without rice, I just didn't think of doing it at the time.

Do your research if you want to go. it's not open every day of the week and you will want to get there early. Tsukiji was slated to be moved by the end of 2016, but it hasn't happened yet.

07 January 2017

Yamato Takeru in Kenroku-en

This statue of Yamato Takeru, aka Prince Ōsu, commemorates the Satsuma Rebellion - because not everyone dug the Emperor Meiji.

This Prince was a real person born around the time the Roman Catholic church was just kicking off, so he's 'mythological'.

With the quenching of the fire of rebellion nurtured by the rōnin, the long standing way of life of the samurai in Japan was decisively over. The door to the West would never close again and the country started swallowing capitalism whole at the Emperor's urging.

Anyway, all this is by way of introduction to Kenroku-en, the famous garden of Kanazawa.

The garden is at least 350 years old and belonged to the ruling samurai of the region.

Kanazawa translates as 'marsh of gold'. I think that is why there are gold flecks visible on the top of the statue's pedestal if you enlarge the picture.

Next to the statue you will find this pine tree - a piece of mighty sculptural magnificence.

September 2016


The lotus
Needs mud

Between heaven
And earth
No conflict arises

I know, so often the mind, and even the heart, finds only imperfection in the world, but really, who can argue with the beauty of a lotus?

Adelaide Botanic Garden; 28 December 2016

05 January 2017


The scent
...of precious wood
......mingles with
.........the air,
The rise
...and fall
......of ego.


is like poison
It is better
not to drink it.


This is how
My Lord loves me:
Unconditionally always.


The power of silence
Knows how to spread.
The power of peace
Has no need to know:
It is self-fulfilling.


Do not water
the suspicion-tree
Unless you long
to taste the doubt-fruit.


In this world,
Night always follows day.
In the inner world,
Light only knows
how to become more light.


In the heart
Of the dawn
I am born
At every moment.

(Sunrise over Hay Plains, 5 January 2017)

Debt and the nation

I can not remember where I read Australia's refugee policy defines our nation -
it being the ultimate measure of how our society chooses to treat the vulnerable;
however, it was Christmas Eve when another refugee, Faysal Ishak Ahmed died
as a result of being sent to Manus Island and the lack of care he received there.
Around that time, issues with Centrelink debts
blew up in the media and have received continuous attention since.
But are we not at this moment only seeing
A mirror held up to the premise
That as we have let the Australian Government get away
With murdering refugees
They now have no qualms with going after
The weak (or you can say disempowered citizenry)
with the plain aim to keep the poor poor,
Shaming, then denying succor and support
From the state to those who need it,
While their own cheeks swell from
Sucking so hard direct on the teats
Of the tax cow the majority tend so well,
With not a grape bought to the table
By pillaging greedy multinational
Conglomerates plundering our natural resources
and always begging poor with special rules, like "Wilson!"
parking cars or bodies, on behalf of
the permanently-alert-state-of-terror,
Where we decide how any
Who comes to this country
By boat gets to die
and the circumstances
in which they die.
Right now,
It's war upon the
victims of our wars:
We must not let them
multiply upon our shores!

It's admirable that the media, of all stripes it seems, is persisting with the issue of Centrelink debts, but the real question for the nation is why are we still okay with Australia's refugee pogrom?

I fear that particular debt belongs to every Australian.

First things first.