22 December 2017


Now I feel steel cut oats are worth mentioning by style, because rolled oats are so like plaster or gluggy in texture.

It is super easy to do these overnight but I think this re-introduces the problem of homgeneity to the preparation because it ends up very uniform. It's very quick though just to heat through in the morning, but all your other ingredients need to be pre-cooked too. Perhaps with experimentation it could be parcooked.

Seeing life is a series of rituals which define us, take 20-30 minutes every morning to cook fresh.

1/3 cup steel cut oats is enough for the hungriest person in general
cover with water, two fingers (remove before serving)
pinch of salt for luck
Bring to boil, simmer
It takes 20-30 minutes
Turn it down more as you go

You can do other things as it cooks, but it does need stirring
If you have a heavy base pot that helps
As does a wooden spoon

I like to throw in a whole pear too,
It's very soothing to the lungs and digestion
according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chop the pear into chunks, even you can grate it

The less ripe the pear,
the earlier it should go in

Then stir a teaspoon of honey through to serve

Some rough chopped walnuts go well with this, cooked too

03 November 2017

Lately I feel poetry slipping from my grasp.

Like water, or consciousness, only the substance remains.

The form of the experiences are temporary.

At one time a tree is replete with foliage. It flowers and fruits. Then its leaves begin to fall. Later, stark, bare. To know only a moment in the life of a tree is not to know a tree. This is why nature is constancy - it is ever-changing: I like that phrase in the Tao Te Ching.

For a little while, I clearly feel and see the world is perfection and all the fault lies within, in the realm of perception.

This is my problem, your problem, our problem.

In the end:

The mirror
of all existence
is your own heart.


The journey
of awakening
Is not
a forced march.


Be a good seeker,
or be a bad seeker,
But first,
be a seeker.


Neither a parade of ignorance,
Nor a triumph of knowledge,
With the breath of my heart I bow.

08 October 2017

The Great Seal of The State of California

Door, police cruiser
Cannery Row, Montery
October 2013

Press conference
Senator Morehouse
Bojack Horseman

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Most popular thing to say by people who work For Darth Vader:

"Could you pass on that update for me - I'm kind of busy...breathing."

Luke is boss at crashing planes.



19 September 2016

Forever and always,
With your Heart,
My heart is a whistling bird,
Here in Ecstasy's-Love-Grove
The garden of Light,
I am the dance of
An ever new
green and joyful life:
This is what is calling me -
Infinity's singing bird.
My heart life,
swimming in tears,
Is now fully satisfied.
This is what I am now.

03 October 2017

Spies Like Us 1985

With the original blue steel, Donna Dixon, only she's a vixen

It's the buddy movie star wars adventure reboot with less golf,

but still the golf guy is there, but only quickly

And there's like a bear guy

And a sheep man

We make it an educational movie
about American philanthropy
in Afghanistan

Don't worry, we're Americans!

Meet the Pashtun

But then there's some aliens in the snow

Things look bad

But then everything turns out okay

And there's a lot of Peanut Butter

This comes of watching too much Bojack Horseman.