17 April 2016

More food

Really good broccoli has such a complex, nutty flavour profile.

Do you know what I mean?

If you don't, then perhaps it is time you considered your choice of vegetables more carefully.

Now that I make an effort to eat greens regularly -although still not so much the leafy ones I confess- I feel much healthier. Good call mum.

For instance, making Brussels sprouts tasty requires hardly any skill and they are so delicious.

Grab a fry pan and get some garlic going in a mixture of butter and olive oil with some salt and pepper. You don't even have to chop the garlic, just smash a few cloves and break it up if you want. Then lay the dry, cleaned, halved sprouts down flat in the pan. As you see them take on colour, briefly cover with a lid to finish so they steam themselves through. You need a fairly high heat, so just make sure they keep firm and they will taste great. It's that easy.

A hint for quick and easy cooking. Green beans and broccolini can be cooked by just cleaning/chopping and then pouring boiling water over them to sit.

My conclusion is: if you want to be a good cook, learn to enjoy washing dishes. You can not have one without the other, the universe would be out of balance. Actually, I do have a dishwasher, but I have never turned it on. It just seems dumb and lazy to try and fill it for one person.

If you want miracles, then look at potatoes. Could there be any more perfect food?

That is my favourite stall at EPIC Farmer's Market. Perhaps because they specialise in potatoes which I love and the experience is the antithesis of choosing between white or red potatoes all year round at the supermarket. Also, the baby potatoes are half price and a baking dish full of heirloom baby potato varieties is quite a treat. Then, of course, this stall just disappears when potato season is over.

Roasted root vegetables is a meal I can return to again and again without complaint.

Occasionally I get flowers at the EPIC market and today I bought a bunch of dahlias. When I got home I found one had a broken stem, so I made a most basic ikebana in a chawan I bought in Japan. I have not yet made matcha in this tea bowl though I have everything I need to try.

I am really happy with how this looks given it took 12 seconds to make.

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