15 November 2015

kaki no ha sushi

I wonder how much the availability and popularity of kaki no ha sushi owes to In Praise of Shadows written by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki in 1933.

A friend gave me this famous little book before my trip. It is a really short work, but I have not managed to finish it yet. However, I did remember there are a few pages where the author writes in detail about persimmon leaf wrapped sushi. This food apparently originates deep in the mountains of Yoshino, which are a good hour or two from Kyoto where I bought this treat at the station. I think I bought some in Nara too.

It came in a wonderful wooden box with a charming illustration. I was on the train and about to bite into one of these whole when a lady grabbed my attention and mimed peeling it!

This persimmon tree is actually in the grounds of the Ryoanji Temple which has Japan's most famous rock garden. I helped a short lady pluck a few of these to take with her.

I ate quite a bit of persimmon when I was staying in Ōita Prefecture. The countryside was full of trees laden with this fruit.

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