22 November 2015


At many of the major tourist attractions in Japan, foreigners are likely to be interviewed by local school children asking near identical questions to practice their English:

'What is your name? Where are you from? What is your favourite Japanese food?'

In Hiroshima, it was a little different. Wandering through the Peace Park, I couldn't move far without being asked to fill in a questionnaire with my thoughts on Peace.

I wrote the following:

Peace is the most important lesson to learn.

Peace is our oldest friend.

Peace is in my love of meditation.

In exchange for any wisdom you provide, the children will give you a bookmark or paper cranes.

After the trauma of the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museum, it was a supreme comfort to sit, across from the Atomic Bomb Dome, on the banks of the Motoyasu-gawa River and just observe the gentle dance of light on the surface of the water.

Where everything
is the music of Peace.

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