24 September 2015

Whither weather whether what

Light rain in the morning,
Spring showers do not last.

No poem, nor haiku, not the I Ching, just a description of the weather today, because this a post about random things.


Once I used to like to finish my trip to market with a danish as a treat. Baked custard. Mmmmmm. Not that my love for baked custard has diminished, but now I buy mushrooms instead. Shitake, shimeji and king brown. Fried in butter with salt and pepper.


Beautiful tea. The instructions on how to brew gyokuro may be useful. It's so expensive that I was already going multiple brews, but the cold infusion is a revelation, definitely my favourite part of the experience now.

Knight Rider.

A few weeks ago I was reminiscing about how Saturday nights used to mean something. Like going to my cousin's house in my pyjamas and watching the latest episode of Knight Rider. So I watched an episode on youtube. As a result, I can only say thank goodness David Hasselhoff went on to make Baywatch or he would not now be known as one of the finest actors of his generation.

Doctor Who.

The Magician's Appretice. Oh my God. What on earth is going on? Make sense already. I just don't understand.

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