01 July 2015


So pottery class is over and here are my final glazed pieces, except for two teacups I am still waiting for.

My work is very organic and a reflection of gesture.

Yeah, I know, but this is in part what somebody at Craft ACT said to me when I was describing how working with clay made me feel. I'm like, "I'm writing that down." Her reply: "It took me a year of art school to learn to talk like that."

I digress.

What even is this thing below? See above!

Glazing is amazing. Really what you can do is limitless and the fun part to me is the random nature of it .

Here is the bowl and some vessels. I like drinking tea out of the red one. On the blue one you can see how combining clays produced variation in the colour of the glaze.

On the one hand, the raku is not quite what I expected, but I did learn what I would try next time.

It all fits together nicely.

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