28 July 2015


is like the dawn,
Without it,
The day cannot begin.

is like the
setting sun:

23 July 2015

21 July 2015


Okay I know these look crazy big, but that is how they look best.

Painted or written or drawn while I was waiting for the potatoes to roast on Saturday night.

19 July 2015


I feel this is how all my poetry should be written:

Time is the map of love's journey. 

14 July 2015

two poems

The evening Bliss
does not knock.

It cascades,
like a waterfall.

I do not demand.
I do not command.
I will not admonish.
I will not astonish.
When I say be still,
In stillness will you
find what you need.

09 July 2015

Notes on the journey

The only way home is Love.

The best company is Joy.

Our oldest friend is Peace.

07 July 2015

Sri Chinmoy statue at Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra

This is sunset at the Sri Chinmoy statue down at Lake Burley Griffin. It is a very good spot to meditate.

06 July 2015


This is such a beautiful video.

It is not only a love song to Rumi, but also poetry and the joy of spirituality.

So watch it if you have time, or just listen, it will be just as good.


Here are my tea cups. I thought I glazed them green, but it was a clear glaze. So actually I spent ages looking for them!

I have a good idea of what kind of tea cup I would make next time.

01 July 2015


So pottery class is over and here are my final glazed pieces, except for two teacups I am still waiting for.

My work is very organic and a reflection of gesture.

Yeah, I know, but this is in part what somebody at Craft ACT said to me when I was describing how working with clay made me feel. I'm like, "I'm writing that down." Her reply: "It took me a year of art school to learn to talk like that."

I digress.

What even is this thing below? See above!

Glazing is amazing. Really what you can do is limitless and the fun part to me is the random nature of it .

Here is the bowl and some vessels. I like drinking tea out of the red one. On the blue one you can see how combining clays produced variation in the colour of the glaze.

On the one hand, the raku is not quite what I expected, but I did learn what I would try next time.

It all fits together nicely.