24 June 2015


This is some scans of recent writing because pictures are cool.

All the poems have already been published here.

The problem with scans is that the metallic highlights dissapear, but I quite like mixing some silver or gold into my ink.

At the moment my favourite colour is blue with a hint of black.

22 June 2015

I am a lover of beauty,
In beauty I am always found.

Beloved, I come to You
With the dust of centuries on my shoulders,
An eternity has passed,
And yet, You have never left me.

While all the while
Your fondness-love
For me only grows,
I am like the wind,
One moment high,
The next low.

The storms of life I cursed
For bearing me so far away
All the time rushed me
To Your shore.

The sweetest mystery,
Truth be told there is no mystery.
Love was always on the lips
that marked my brow
That bore my lips their sweetest kiss.

19 June 2015

Rain mainly

No more pottery to see. I created nothing on the wheel. It was not really my thing. Seven pieces are now waiting to be glazed and next week the raku firing takes place which will be exciting.

Last week I went to Sydney for work and stayed one night. It was so exciting to see this shop very close to my hotel. I had time to check it out before it closed and buy a really big brush. Horse hair. No pictures from it yet as I am still getting to know it.

I love the poem on this postcard. After I sent the postcard on Monday it started raining for four days. Any correlation between these two events is entirely coincidental.

Here is a couple of poems I wrote this week. The Chinese character for rain is at the bottom corner. Plus a piece of peace I made?!? Those all use the Roymac Revolution Quill Mop which is a cool brush.

My Beloved from the clouds came
In dreams refused to remain


O sweet sweet love,
What greater poem than you?


Here see more the character of the character and another experiment.