31 May 2015

More pottery and a poem

This poem I wrote while playing flute, watching the wind blow autumn leaves.

my coin
is the

My cups dried very well and they look better now!

The new things I made this week. Pressing a piece of lace made a cool patten. Hopefully that will be a soap dish.

24 May 2015

I am going to pottery class once a week.

I made a vase and some tea cups.

I'll show you again when they are fired and glazed. The vase will be raku fired (Western style).

The autumn colours here look well.

The face of every flower
And the flower of every face
This is My Lord.

The evening-peace is upon my lips
It has no name but silence.

11 May 2015


"My religion
 is the love
 that never lasts."


"My religion
 is the song
 that never ends."

04 May 2015

A poem I have typed up here before, but one to live by.

A postcard I sent a friend. I made quite a few like this, but only took this one photo.

A birthday card I made for a neighbour.It's quite large, like a gigantic gift tag.

Somebody at work taught me how to write 'autumn' in Chinese. I am pretty happy with how it looks. It came up nicely mounted on board.