28 September 2014

Outside my window at dusk,
The light of day is drawn
Into the branches of the tree
To hold its buds
Warm in the dream of night.
Soon ten thousand leaves
Will write a love letter to Spring. 

22 September 2014

Farewell to Winter

The birds were 
   particularly spectacular
   this evening;
All in a frenzy:
"Spring, Spring, Spring!"
   they seem to sing. 

Now the ring of day
   has made night,
And all thought
   shall pass away. 

I am a child
   of yesterday's hope
And a dream 
   of tomorrow's peace. 

This much I can say. 

09 September 2014

Love is the thing
Love is the thing
This is what I sing
All the world a ring
Of the thing I sing
Called love


Here I am in paradise,
All the time lamenting
The lost wonders of heaven. 
Impossible, but true,
This is the mask of the soul.