17 July 2014

Tree sitting

To see the Gate of Infinity
Is to be the Gate of Infinity.  

What is the meaning of a smile?
What is love?


In praise of...

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). So good. Particularly I will recommend Dr Jack if you are in Canberra: http://www.aaom.com.au/

I had an interest in TCM for years but avoided treatment because the idea of the needles freaked me out. But, it really worked recently to rid me of a very serious flu and now I just find it so relaxing. I can see myself using it as a regular therapy like my chiropractor.

The Michael J Fox Show. For a fairly basic sitcom I liked this and I usually avoid such. I must have a big soft spot for the eponymous star from Back To The Future. Who doesn't?

Playing the flute - I have to remember how to make a video clip so I can put some music up here for you. On the weekend I went to play in my local park and ended up sitting in a tree. The lovely thing about that was the flock of tiny birds flitting from branch to branch of my temporary abode.  

Then I found a tunnel, sort of drain thing, and playing into it was acoustically marvellous, splendiferous and mellifluous even. I want to play you the recording of that!

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