31 July 2014

Read the morning

I am the awakening flower,
The laughing conversation
Of wing and wind,
Swooping, whirling, turning,
The worship of the leaves,
Fruit of sun and breeze,
These are the symbols 
Of my thought. 

30 July 2014


What day of glory is this?
Answer me sky,
Answer me sun,
Singing birds,
Do not lie. 

17 July 2014

Tree sitting

To see the Gate of Infinity
Is to be the Gate of Infinity.  

What is the meaning of a smile?
What is love?


In praise of...

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). So good. Particularly I will recommend Dr Jack if you are in Canberra: http://www.aaom.com.au/

I had an interest in TCM for years but avoided treatment because the idea of the needles freaked me out. But, it really worked recently to rid me of a very serious flu and now I just find it so relaxing. I can see myself using it as a regular therapy like my chiropractor.

The Michael J Fox Show. For a fairly basic sitcom I liked this and I usually avoid such. I must have a big soft spot for the eponymous star from Back To The Future. Who doesn't?

Playing the flute - I have to remember how to make a video clip so I can put some music up here for you. On the weekend I went to play in my local park and ended up sitting in a tree. The lovely thing about that was the flock of tiny birds flitting from branch to branch of my temporary abode.  

Then I found a tunnel, sort of drain thing, and playing into it was acoustically marvellous, splendiferous and mellifluous even. I want to play you the recording of that!

10 July 2014

Little stories

My soul is 
a whistling bird -
It knows no 
troubles, no woes -
Only, listen:
a most surprising 
song that makes
a joyful sound
in the night. 


I love meditation, and how...! 
If you ask me about beauty, I will refer to consciousness.
Is it not a beautiful word itself?
The sharp, cool, pure, essence of breath. 
But how will I translste what truly is into this clumsy tongue?
One can not graft the superior onto the inferior and hope to improve them both. 
Likely neither will survive. 


The eyes flicker, but the flame flickers not. 
Still is mind, while the candle reaches for extinction. 
Come morning, this will all be a dream, but it will look like a day. 

04 July 2014


These are the things I have written in the last couple of months:

We have to eat impossibility for breakfast if we want to do amazing things in life.
Sometimes we have to eat impossible things for lunch and dinner too.


Be glad, be glad, be glad
With the dawn
I will bring
The ring of morning
Slip it on your finger
Marry all mourning to joy
And merry, merry make
Of this ferry of life
Whatever you will take
From strife's parade.


No thing be now writ
to make sense of
all the mystery
gone before
and the unseen
mystery yet to come


Love makes me gaze
long and with wonder
upon the ordinary
and know it
to be a miracle.


The difference between
you and me -
I can guarantee I
am a fool,
whereas you perhaps
only have your


Salvation says,
and ego
are strangers."


How does
a mountain know
it is not a hill?

This is the question
that fills me with
wonder thrill.


I believe in a love that will transform the universe, but what is to be transformed when love is the core of existence itself? Whence is the universe wanting? How can it be? It is I, I, I that requires transforming. Not that I would be do arrogant as to assume a universe, but I do know I exist. A fact so oddly surprising after all this time existing.

In my first refuge
In my last refuge
I find home.


I am the place where the world and time meet.