23 April 2014


Remember I said I was going to the Suitcase Rummage? It went really well. I sold about $60 worth of -maybe 20- postcards. Of course it cost half that for a stall and I spent $20 on food and have no idea what the materials were all worth, but it gave me joy. I discovered a certain talent/evil genius for sales too, so I would do it again with much more organisation. It was kind of fun to have a reason to just sit and observe the parade of people attending. At work people even bought some of the leftovers the next week and I promised to post an original to somebody which is below. I'm sure I have told the story of how snails all wake up and go for walks at the same time when the weather is right. I had this card for ages and then the great pilgrimage of snails occurred so it was definitely the perfect one to post at that point in time.

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