27 April 2014


I wanted to write a poem about the tree in my yard whose leaves have turned yellow, but I do not know the name of the tree which stymied me.

However, while watching the wind strip merry masses of the yellow leaves off, I made this, and I am quite fond of it.

24 April 2014

Prose and poems from June 2013

To spend a minute, an hour, a day, a night, a week, a month, a year, all the suns and moons of a life…these things have been spent…and I yearn to spend more, on a story just begun, a story without beginning, a story without end.

You can call it my story, but I will say this story belongs to love. It is a tale of beauty, told of duty and I will tell it again and again until I do not recognise myself.

As a child, just one glimpse of the sun filled my eyes and squeezed everything else out of me. Now I take suns and moons from my pockets and lay them on the table. You can choose one as your own for a time.

I am happy to lend it to you, for it is true all these gifts I have only borrowed from nature. And if I read the signs and wrought a scroll from symbols, it was only to challenge the disguise of seeming strife I borrowed the day I was born into this life.

This poetry gave me comfort and joy in all my darkest and brightest hours.

May it reward you too.


To read the words
of the thunder
in the clear sky,
To taste the rain
in the sun’s delight,
This is the pull
and the yearn
of the ever-turning
By meek signs
is revealed might,
This is the dream
of dignity I offer
to night.


I called the bird of midnight love,
Saying, “Rest upon my shoulder
And in your rest, I’ll build a nest
Afore I get one day older.”


I took the midnight for
my company true
And the song of the day
I laughingly slew.


The midnight takes for company
Who takes the day long
As a well forgotten song
To the flame of tomorrow’s gong.

23 April 2014


Remember I said I was going to the Suitcase Rummage? It went really well. I sold about $60 worth of -maybe 20- postcards. Of course it cost half that for a stall and I spent $20 on food and have no idea what the materials were all worth, but it gave me joy. I discovered a certain talent/evil genius for sales too, so I would do it again with much more organisation. It was kind of fun to have a reason to just sit and observe the parade of people attending. At work people even bought some of the leftovers the next week and I promised to post an original to somebody which is below. I'm sure I have told the story of how snails all wake up and go for walks at the same time when the weather is right. I had this card for ages and then the great pilgrimage of snails occurred so it was definitely the perfect one to post at that point in time.

Here kitty

A fantastic browser extension: Stop Tony Meow

It makes web pages look like this:

I only know about this technology because the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet discovered the wisdom within to charge a ludicrous amount for an FOI request related to said extension.

PS Best cartoon ever!

03 April 2014

A simple thing

The winds of midnight
Stir the songs of my heart. 

Like the butterfly
Breaking chrysalis,
Or a bird taking
Flight for the first time.

It is always like this
When you come, My Lord.