29 March 2014

Possibly a poem

 I may not
conisder myself 
good at making decisions
of a personal nature,


in my heart in the heart of my bliss is only bliss - like
the in of life and the out of life are dancing in exquisite harmony,
gently laughing at the idea of confining beauty -
and the message
 "Don't worry about it" 
there is nothing to worry about
and what even is the it
to be worried about anyway.

All this,
 the experience 
of a soul moment 
of the small hours 
of seconds 
  is none the less
 an informative reality,
for a little thing 
of such a big size.

This is my problem?

14 March 2014

Suitcase Rummage

Before I forget and before tommorrow - you can find me here selling my postcards.

06 March 2014

My captain

My captain sails alone
Of companions he has none
To call his own
And no place called home.

My captain sails alone
Only the journey for rest
He visits every nest
But finds no place to stay.

My captain sails alone
And weary now I hear him.


This was written a year or even two ago, at a guess.

For a change of scenery, today after work I went to Mt Ainslie to play some flute with the sunset.

A sharp abundance of mosquitoes proved a pernicious and persistent audience while I tried find my place in music.

Their bites are better than bull ants I must say.

So many things seem to have bitten me lately that any discomfort has become remarkably short-lived.

Perchance the horse of time

Ever and ever
My days mount upon each other
And gallop to their swift conclusion. 

05 March 2014


There is no
   single blade
   of grass
That does
   not long
   for its kind
To company

04 March 2014


When I arrived home today there was a butterfly resting on my back door.

It stayed quite a while. I am taking this as an omen of good things to come; a portent of profit, if you will.

I wrote this poem -before Christmas I think- while walking in Haig Park:

At the setting of the sun
My path was laid with butterflies
Orange wings in orange skies

Now, alas, summer days are ending, and the long goodbye to good day.

The calendar in fact says summer is already over, and true, this very morning I saw some leaves beginning to blush at the approach of autumn proper.