18 February 2014

West Bank Festival - in review

I love this park

Where I have
Drawn poetry
Written trees
Met God at sunset
at least twice
As well as
several other
type of people
all the day long through

Thanks Woody
Wood wood
wood wood
of the pine trees

Wherein these conifers
Harvest mine ear
the sound of
Crickets, cicadas
Birds, beessss
Earth star
Strobilus, strobili
And the thousand
million plus
ten thousand
other variations
of nature's perfection

Over a
thousand million
billion trillion
gagazillion years
or so…
fairly extemporaneously
you might say then

I hoist the flags
And fly the trumpets
Of this some
kind of other-
worldly thought.

Beyond the
world of thought

Only the sound
of a flute remains

And I am
a new song
in the forrest

Thank you


The tale of this poem of Valentine's Day 2014.

On opening night, the West Bank Festival (Feb 14-16, see map below) had a Bad! Slam! No! Biscuit! event on. This is Canberra's poetry slam; I'm not sure about the name, there are biscuits, sometimes, if you bring them I suppose. I was inspired to sit on my balcony and hear a music festival. I composed this poem and drew a frontspiece for my folio with the intention of performing it straight away. The slams are ususally held in the pub but I don't like it so much there. I was really excited to be able to perform in my element.

Normally you turn up, put your name in a hat and you get a go. I arrived just in time to learn it was a special team tournament for the Festival and I couldn't join in. However, I managed to talk my way onto the stage and be the warm up act. When I finished, people clapped and I bowed. Then the MC made me introduce myself which I had neglected to do. The resident barrista gave me 4 out of 5 which I was very happy with.

Also, a beautiful young lady offered me her chair, which obviously is about the best thing a poet can hope for in life, if not a bigger chair. She was in the tournament next and her team totally won. I was convinved of this from the outset to be sure. I heard eight different poems and they made me cry and laugh and smile and it was wonderful.

A grasshopper sat right in front of the stage during the show and the MC made a special announcement imploring the audience to take care lest they step upon it.

There were no reported injuries.

In summary, there should be more tents erected under trees in suburban parks for festivals where all variety of Orthoptera can be made to feel safe and welcome.

Chalkist - unknown

My musical highlights were:

Woo Hoo Revue of Melbourne
Perch Creek Family Jug Band of Perch Creek


Wet, very wet, at most, if not nearly all times

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