04 January 2014

Gardening endeavours

New varieties of opuntia. On the left, microdasys, sometimes called bunny ears, don't touch it ever, use tongs, have scalpel and tweezers ready. On the right, a dwarfish prickly pear of sorts with pretty yellow flowers. All in a rock garden.

I needed a scalpel this morning to perform emergency surgery on a cactus that snapped during transplant. You can get scalpels at participating art stores. The handles are expensive, but I stole mine in high school. The blades are a dollar. Both the base and the top are expected to make a full recovery through sufficient inattention.

Just super green


L, two varities of Agave americana and, R, an aloe - all harvested locally, maybe within a 3km radius on runs or walks.

Why I like really small cacti

Clodades on 26 November 2013.

The same pair of clodades top left on 4 January 2014

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