30 January 2014


Here is a whole bunch of cards I have made for friends and colleagues. You can tell who they were for. Obviously each has a different feeling and the process and techniques involved are different. Hopefully there is some evolution in my design skills taking place.

This is a card in the sense it is a piece of matboard with a tree - because Sharon means forest.

The Zen approach. Wrote this with a pen, scanned and enlarged before sticking to matboard. It was my first time using my 6mm Pilot Calligraphy Pen which is big. It is fun learning to write with a new pen by practicing the alphabet. It makes you reflect on how you will write every letter. I found myself wondering if there is a special signwriting brush for calligraphy.

This is a decorated envelope for my old friend and pen pal Nick who I really must write to again.

24 January 2014

Pines of my Haig Park

Pines of my Haig Park - tress I have tried to get to know well

I don't think I showed you this?
It is large, A2.
It doesn't look quite like this because I buffed up the phone photo.

Envelopes at play

13 January 2014

North by Northwest

Boy, Cary Grant,

meets girl, Eva Marie Saint.

This being 1959, they are on a train.

And hands,


of hands.

Through the adroit use of shaving cream, and sunglasses, or just general Cary Grant-ness, boy manages, in the main, to avoid the notice of the police and ordinary citizens all over.

Meanwhile, on his journey, he undertakes challenges such as shaving with a miniature razor.

And escaping from a cropdusting plane!

"Yes I was wearing this shirt during the events depicted above."

"You know, I have a sneaking suspiscion we may be in a Japanese themed room, look at that cherry blossom branch on the wall."

"Yes, I'm certain somebody attained satori making the ikebana next to the statues of monks over here."

"Are you sure you like it? I can have room service send up another room?"

What a lovely dress.

Anyhow, whatever happened to the fade in fade out technique, if I may call it that?

I watched this movie to observe the famed kinetic photography of the credits and was enchanted by the use of shadow and silouhettes.

Cary Grant obviously has a very good tan for an Englishman. He was married five times. Minus the death count, he was clearly competing with Henry VIII.

This scene is from the public entrance to the UN General Assembly in New York. Construction finished in 1952.

It reminds me of the Guggenheim Museum, next to Central Park. From this angle anyway. Opened in 1959.

04 January 2014

Film noir competition

Here I am indulging my film noir screen shot fetish once more.

Some movies are a little more truncated than others in comparison, but it is at least all chronological, which was no easy feat of posting.

To celebrate, I am holding a competition.

For a chance to win the right to write the names of films in the comment section of this blog, name one or more of the following films in the comment section of this blog.

Any attempts to claim copyright infirngement should be likewise communicated.