28 December 2013

Film Noir

Lately I have been watching a bunch of film noir, I can not even remember the names of all the films. Sometimes I take screenshots of things I like. In colour below is from Airplane!, it is not film noir, but I liked the script.

Unknown film, trip over the border, advertising on walls.

Unknown film, in the boxing gym.

Unknown film, comic strip.

Unknown film, lovely script on the wall in the Salvation Army refuge where George Taylor and his dame hide down by the docks from the baddies, although you never really know who the baddies are sometimes.

Unknown film set in San Francisco.

All from Double Indemnity, an excellent introduction to film noir.

In the future when this is screened it will need a health warning - smoking makes you wear really high pants.

Look out.

You never know who you might meet in the grocer.

Hey, where'd you go?

I'm over here.

What in the heck you doing there?

I'm looking for the macaroni.

Oh, okay, let's go for a drive then.

Ain't this swell?

According to IMDB, it is the familiar Schubert playing during the denoument.

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