08 June 2013


Shock, horror, confusion, a sense the world was not right, when I drew the curtain this morning to find a potted cactus missing from my window ledge.

Who would do such a thing?

It was a perfectly round ball when I planted it and took a year before showing any signs of growth. In the picture above the upward swelling and stretching is just beginning to become evident. Since then it had become distinctly columnar in shape and at least 15 centimetres tall.

Is this karma seeing as I collected it off a plant in Adelaide when I spotted it driving along a street?

Not the garden whole, nor the parent plant itself suffered for that act.

So take good care, wherever you are.

And sit on it.

UPDATE: I did lament this situation to a passing neighbour from my window this morning and when I got home from the shops this afternoon, I found a new Echeveria on my doorstep with a note saying, "Sorry mean people stole your cactus! A little something to maybe fill the gap."

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