22 May 2013


I like making trees. They admit a simple realism to my limited skills. The first one is just ink in brush pen and was quick.

The second one is a bit glary, it's not dry, but it will fit on the scanner later. It is a mixture of watercolour and ink with just brushes and lots of layers of foilage. The mixed media paper has ridges on it which you can see. I don't use this paper much, because it is so heavy, but it was perfect for this. In the corner is a card. I saved all the offcuts from trimming mat board and glued them to a piece of cardboard, then varnished it. So it could be a coaster. Or a postcard.

So this gives more of an idea of what it looks like. When leaves change colour in autumn it is because the tree is eating all the nutrients in them to build up strength for the winter. It is drawing all its strength within to the core.

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