07 April 2013


An appropriate verse and sundry views of local flora and fauna.

Earth undoubtedly has its virtues:
The pleasure of crunching acorns
Is no thing a privilege of heaven.

If you are walking in Canberra and there are oaks, you do not have to go far to observe multiple varities.

Here are some crimson rosellas visiting my garden. They are a bit cheeky and happy to try eating the succulents.

No luck positively identifying this insect on the roof of my balcony, but I think it may be a katydid.

My obrea variegata aka the common carrion flower or Cape fritillary flowered. It is originally from Cape Town. The flower is quite crinkly.

On this wonderful sunny day I made another mosaic. It is one side of a square bessa brick. Plainly it is abstract, but the appearance will significantly improve with grout. It will be a pot stand when it is finished. I will be sure to show you the final piece.

I have been irregular with the postcards of late, but here goes:

Happenstance had it that I bumped into my neighbour from Adelaide who I hadn't seen for six years. I think he lived in Japan for a while.

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