28 April 2013

Finished mosaic

I need to get some little feet for this and seal the grout, but then it will be a pot plant stand. I would like to do a really big piece in this style.

27 April 2013

My sister's wedding

My sister got married and my project is making a book for her wedding present.

It was spontaneous, I had an empty notebook with me of reasonable quality and I started lettering the cover.

Then I ended up punching holes in the cover and tying a bouquet to it:

Laurel for long life; and
Lavender for a sweet smelling wife.

Will it work?

I don't know, I made it up.

I have a lots of photos to edit, print and stick in it. Mostly embarrassing ones I hope.

As well, I will do some more embellishing of the cover.

I will get some professional advice on reinforcing the spine and corners, especially seeing I had already ripped a section of the book out.

Don't worry, I have tied some nice ribbon around the string. There were left overs from decorations.

Big Red Jet

Hand drawn lettering, scanning it, colouring and applying a gradient in Photoshop.

Lots of postcards

The other day I sent nine postcards. I should turn pro. Eight of them are pictured here.


An original poem and illustration




Translation: 'Enjoy the finest German engineering. Always travel in comfort and style!'

My cobbler rides a motorbike, go see him

I wish I had only used fish stamps on this one - even if they look like plankton eaters - but lack of planning prevented that.

18 April 2013

The tree of love

Here is a poem, sort of, I was just playing, enjoying writing. I quite like it as a composition.

16 April 2013

My acorn friend

Remember what I said about Canberra having many varieties of oaks?

I found this unique acorn specimen today.

It has a cupule which looks like an afro and a very friendly face.

You saw it here first.

Animals, birds, leaves, postcards

Closely watched animals

Closely watched birds

I wish to recommend Majura Birds. It is one of only a few Canberra blogs I check regularly. I found it browsing blogger profiles also set to Canberra. (An otherwise unrewarding exercise I must say). The photos are always getting better which makes it exciting. Check out this cormorant and the scarlet robins. As it says at the top, it was inspired by swanlings (sic). One of the parent swans died just before Christmas and I cried when I read about it!

Closely watched leaves

A few weeks ago, it seemed as if the oak leaves yellowed overnight and then the Manchurian pears provoked the eye, their branches covered in red oval-orbicular gems. The Liquidambar (styraciflua) are well known for their magnificent seasonal display. They are perhaps not as common northside as they are in, say, Manuka, but there are some in Garema Place.

Strange to see, not such an extraordinary sight, yet no small mystery. There in Civic, a cluster of four, but only one of them had leaves all passion's blush. The raiment of the others were an ordinary green. (Never any thing so not ordinary if you consider it.) How has this disparity in appearance come to pass?

A scientist might describe in many ways the recipe for this miracle; but what use have I for genetic insights? I wish to be a student of delight. Therefore, I assure you, secret agreement reached amongst these trees - in silent conclave signed off - the lustrous sights of autumn will not be rushed. The message passed where hidden roots did touch. Else consenus carried on the sussurating wind between leaf and leaf. Coming from root to trunk to branch to leaf, going to leaf to branch to trunk to root.

Thus it happened.

The trees took turns to make red.

A leaf in my backyard. Not sure what the name of the tree is. William perhaps?

Recent postcards

This is the smallest postcard I have ever sent. I saw this packaging in an Asian grocer and fell in love with it. I bought four more boxes next time I was there. The candles are actually quite good too, clearly because they have used the best material of the USA. It is always good to post things to people who live next door.

This one is rather self explanatory.

Somebody had a birthday and he plays golf.

Trust me

07 April 2013


An appropriate verse and sundry views of local flora and fauna.

Earth undoubtedly has its virtues:
The pleasure of crunching acorns
Is no thing a privilege of heaven.

If you are walking in Canberra and there are oaks, you do not have to go far to observe multiple varities.

Here are some crimson rosellas visiting my garden. They are a bit cheeky and happy to try eating the succulents.

No luck positively identifying this insect on the roof of my balcony, but I think it may be a katydid.

My obrea variegata aka the common carrion flower or Cape fritillary flowered. It is originally from Cape Town. The flower is quite crinkly.

On this wonderful sunny day I made another mosaic. It is one side of a square bessa brick. Plainly it is abstract, but the appearance will significantly improve with grout. It will be a pot stand when it is finished. I will be sure to show you the final piece.

I have been irregular with the postcards of late, but here goes:

Happenstance had it that I bumped into my neighbour from Adelaide who I hadn't seen for six years. I think he lived in Japan for a while.