08 March 2013

In The Mail - Week 1

I decided to send a postcard every day for a while - not including weekends. Also, I am putting my own date stamp on them.

I will try to scan the original or handcrafted ones and at least take a photo of the others going into the postbox.



Oops, I didn't scan or photograph this one, but it was a homemade one to a real live communist.




I saw Part I of The Hobbit during the week and I would describe it as an "An Unexpectedly Long Adventure". At 169 minutes, there was 100 minutes of near tedium. I certainly remember the book being way more fast-paced, so it definitely seems like a commercial decision to split the movie up.

In case you were wondering, courtesy of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary:

You can at least look forward to a weekly postcard wrap if I get round to posting nothing else.

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