31 December 2012


A postcard for my boss.

I am making an engagement postcard for my cousin and a birthday postcard for my niece in the next week.

27 December 2012


There was a Cyclochila australasiae or Green Grocer cicada crashed in my yard a few weeks ago. I let him have a walk on me. I did squeal when he started crawling on my neck.

Cicadas have large compound eyes situated one on each side of the head. They also have three very small glistening simple eyes (ocelli) on the top of the head. The ocelli look quite metallic and amazing. I think they must be very aware of the eyes of predators as a result of having five eyes, because they often seem to stop singing when I gaze at trees where I can hear them.

He was confused and climbed the barbecue after the next photo, but seemed pretty happy when I put him on the trunk of a tree and headed straight up into the branches.

I love their sound and wrote a poem. Cicadas tend to be more vociferous when it is over 30 degrees.

Sing cicada sing
all the night through
seven years is a long time to sleep
I would be excited to see the sun too.

There is a grasshopper below. I caught this one inside and took it out. It was tiny but probably about a fifth of its full size. Later that day when I went running at Mt Ainslie they were hopping everywhere. I marvel at the waves of insect life that rise and fall in my area.

The butterflies seem to be winding down for the year after peaking last week in the heat before Christmas. I am not sure if they were common brown or monarch. The wasps hatched from their nest on my balcony. Dragonflies have just started appearing if you care to look.

I was only in Adelaide for a few days, but missed the sound of cicadas and crickets.

Pause here to observe hipsters

Christmas Eve and some wag had made a chalk adventure trail on the sidewalk around Braddon.

I only saw pieces of it, but this was a good laugh.

LSR were also amused.

02 December 2012


I saw a ladybug yesterday. It was the first day of summer. Today is the second day of summer. Tomorrow will be...you get the picture.

While crickets are keeping me company through the night, cicadas first started to appear around a week ago and now their sound is ubiquitous. I had no idea that they spend around seven years underground before emerging! ABC Science has an excellent article on cicadas.

Nothing compares to the first one I heard on 23 November. Standing under its tree I began to wonder if it was actually an alarm in the nearby building. So loud. Did I not notice them last year? It must have been ideal breeding conditions in 2005, that is why they seem abundant now. You definitely would have seen their dried shells about after moulting.

More newness on Lonsdale St. Last night it was the opening of The Elk and Pea. The current mania for horned decoration is surely distressing to Cervidae everywhere. Of course I was not cool enough for opening night, but I will try it soon.

This morning I did try Sweet Bones in the Lonsdale Street Traders. They have a no tattoos, no service policy, so the person who serves you will have tattoos. My cappuccino was mild and lovely on this Sunday. I had a good cupcake and look forward to trying some savoury food there. I love the garden out the back as there are succulents everywhere. See:

What Lonsdale Street really needs now is a gelataria. That would be perfect. As far as ice cream by the cone, the only place I rate in Civic is Gelatissimo, but it is in the Canberra Centre and closes early. Imagine being able to stroll for a superior gelato at nine in the evening.

Here are two butterflies making love in my yard.

Note the clubbed tips of the antennae.