06 November 2012

In the hood

As promised, The Big Hole is getting bigger.

Results are not scientific

thousandeye will never disappoint when it comes to factualness and reporting on things that really matter in this town.

It was my birthday last week and I received flowers, a copy of I Want My Hat Back, a card from Warracknabeal, glass beads, Haigh's chocolate, cash, many fine wishes and a delightful cake.

On my birthday I did a 68 minute run with my German neighbour. She said it normally takes her an hour, so that wasn't too bad. We went around Mt Ainslie. It felt pretty darn hot in the sun by 0830.

Looking forward to the opening of a new cafe in Lonsdale St Traders. I wonder if they will even do coffee. I'm not sure how baked sweets will taste without butter, eggs and cream, but I am ready to find out. I do soy for coffee now and am happy with it. Scrambled eggs is probably out of the question. I make excellent scrambled eggs, but being able to buy them on the way to work would be nice.

Last night I didn't sleep too well because my tummy needed a nap during the day. Even Nigella on iview couldn't put me to sleep. I watched some of Peter Garrett on Kitchen Cabinet. He needed a cup to measure yoghurt to make a mango lassi. That was just embarrassing.

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