19 November 2012

I dream of acorns

This is a poem I wrote Sunday 18 November 2012.

It is so easy to take things for granted. Like crickets. Thankfully one has moved closer to my door and now I hear it much better. They are not everywhere yet. The time is not upon us when the grassy greens of evening will be full of their sound. I found more crickets at work last week and I took them out to The Big Hole. I hope they are happy there.

A few other pieces of poetry I wrote in the last week:

I straighten the crooked tongue of suffering until it sings with delight.

The wild laughter of night enters through the open window and echoes in my empty room.

I declare there will be no end to my tears.
This is a solemn promise.

My Lord has written every song, He knows every lyric of my life.

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