29 October 2012

Mister Dog needs a coffee


Just because.

Pray Love Run

This is the front cover of a notebook I made a month or two ago. Three things you can never do too much of. Eventually I did start running again. Yesterday I took my camera on my run.

One day I decided that I was happy, or at the least, entirely emotionally fulfilled when I was photographing bees. This seems a very humble calling, but ever since then I have been happy photographing bees. I particularly enjoy when I catch them looking back at me. The first picture is very green because it is happening underneath many leaves.

Use a David Attenborough voice to say: Even the most mundane angiosperm is a miracle of astonishing complexity and beauty. Kingdom of Plants is on ABC and iView.

Not just bees do pollenating, but ants and butterflies.

My, what a long nose you have.

New conifer growth.

Get out there in the cool spring daylight-saving-evenings before summer is stinking hot.

27 October 2012

In your neighbourhood

So Australian Capital Tourism has a strategy to promote Canberra. I will do my part by posting a picture of The Big Hole on Lonsdale St. This hole continues the fine Australian tradition of big things, like pineapples and rockinghorses. Although this hole has been big for quite a while, the picture reveals that work is about to commence to make it even bigger! Check it out sometime.

Keep away from the edge

Here is 11 months progress of this particular pot.

It has gone absolutely crazy since I moved it to the windowsill where it gots more light.

Lonsdale St is now being acknowledged as hipstertastic.

22 October 2012

Springy type things

Although I am not so enamoured of pine trees as once I was, I love to see the new needles of spring.

This is another photo from a few weeks ago, in fact it is from the same day as Spring in Haig Park.

This is probably not any of those seeds - but it could be.

I saw this window on the way to work.

I thought this about oak trees.

20 October 2012

Alfie The Playful Elephant

This book was a good find at the Lifeline Bookfair.

I posted it today to my cousin's son in England.

His name is Alfie and it is his birthday soon.

16 October 2012

B for Bubo bubo

"My, what an excellent name you have," said the tree.

"What are you called?" replied bubo.

"I am the heaven-seeker," told the tree.

Painting in bed is a risky strategy, but it keeps me out of trouble.

It was good to do a watercolour again.

13 October 2012

Lonsdale St

It's all happening.

Shops have started opening in the new arcade next to Hipsley Lane.

Very vintage Melbourne hipster twirly moustache vinyl taxidermy second hand antique German medical text book on a bike.

If you know what I mean.

06 October 2012

Won't somebody think of the bees?

It doesn't seem to be good news for bees. When they are not struggling to cope with the world of modern confectionary, it's pesticides. Then of course there is Colony collapse disorder, which is a scientific term for we're not sure exactly what is going on.

Einstein never said if bees dissapeared then humanity would only survive four years, but if all bees disappeared worldwide, food would be in short supply, as fruit, nut and vegetable crops would not be pollinated. Invariably, whole ecosystems would be affected.

It doesn't take a genius to work that out.

03 October 2012

B for bee

1 October 2012

Today is absolutely the day to watch bees drinking honey.

Every bee is
The Bee
The Queen Bee

Their labour of love
Is such a buzz

Oh how would it be
To be such a
Busy busy bee?

Their is no distance
between bees
I see them flying
one as one