29 September 2012

The Wonder Book of Animals

Now I am no mycologist, but last week I thought it must be the time of year to find earthstars again. I looked in the place I found them last year, but there were none. This morning though I happened to see them beneath a pine. It was a kilometre away from my last sighting, but still in Haig Park. Reliable is nature.

My sister was very happy with her postcard. This book was purchased just for the front cover. It has no date of publishing inside, but looks close to a hundred years old. It was two dollars on the binders table at the Lifeline bookfair, but I had no ambitions to repair it. Certainly a sturdy piece.


Wojtek said...

Those earth stars are incredible. I am interested to learn more.
The dog is a beauty.
Did you know "Woof Woof bow wow wow"
actually means "Hello How are you" in dog language?

Alf said...

Bow woof wow

llewtrah said...

Publication date for this edition is 1925. I also have a copy.