09 September 2012

out and about

A gorgeous day so I walked an early loop of the bridges on Lake Burley Griffin. The path around the water's edge is very well lined with blossoming prunus, particularly white ones near the National Gallery of Australia.

These catkins are beautiful. What a wonderful word from the obsolete Dutch katteken, literally a kitten.

I stopped at Mocan and Green Grout for breakfast on the way home. It has a great fit out and is most hipster. Although my regular coffee drinking ceased a few months ago, I have taken to the occasional mocha. My soy mocha there was excellent, much better than the one I had yesterday in Braddon. Funnily, after my recent meditation upon the passing nature of cherry blossoms, my granola with rhubarb and yoghurt included them as decorations! Assuming they were esculent, I ate them.

It was delicious, but the serving size looked and felt parsimonius. Not that I exactly counted, but it felt like less than ten spoonfuls. If it is that expensive to make, then charge more than $9 for a bigger serve. Also, given the exposed nature of the kitchen area and the regularity of red notices in Canberra of late, it might be time to make some pretense towards food hygiene. You know, gloves. At the least, don't be popping bits of food in your mouth while you are chopping. It is not a good look.

Anyway, still hungry, I grabbed a Bread Nerds sweet on the way out. I'm a big fan of their loaves and the custard and strawberry danish was perfection.

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