13 September 2012

Benvenuti al sud

Benvenuti al sud is a charming film about a post office manager from Milan who is punished by having his job moved down South to Castellabate, near Naples. It's very funny.

I watched a bit of the film again to get the text for the back of my postcard. The man from the North reads a quote on a wall plaque "Qui non si muore" and asks his companion the story.

"Qui non si muore."
Lo ha detto Gioacchino Murat, il Re Francese.
E stato qui a Castellabate.
Ha scritto questa frase:
"Qui non si muore" e poi รจ morto.


"Here you do not die." That's what Joachim Murat, the French King said. He was here in Castellabate. He wrote the phrase: "Here you do not die," and then - he died.

Murat was a Frenchman who was King of Naples and Sicily for seven years in the early nineteenth century. Quite a character according to his biography, he reminds us of how recent the unification of Italy is. Also, the Neapolitans actually shot him after a court martial!

Watching the film reminds me of the charm of Naples, the wacky people, the beauty of the coast, the scooters and small town life. I really did not like Florence and Milan so much at all.

Here is a scene from YouTube mocking the Neapolitan dialect.

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