12 August 2012

The Invention of Paper

I bumped into Erika, my bookbinding teacher, at the supermarket. She works at the National Library of Australia and has a blog at Behind the scenes.

I have not written a lot about bookbinding at thousandeye, but I have finished Bookbinding for Beginner's at CIT twice. It is an excellent course. I might do it again before the end of the year, depending on how busy my subject at University turns out to be.

There is nothing like making your own notebook and filling it. It is also good to understand how books are constructed. You will never look at them the same again. The course also gave me the confidence to work with paper, card, glue and a bone folder, which has aided immeasurably in the construction of postcards. I have made heaps of little notebooks as gifts since then and people love them.

I love it when a postcard comes together.

Original pictures from Ernie the CaveKing and Sherlock the Smart Person in THE INVENTION OF PAPER by Daniel Wilcox, Copyright 1975 Children's Television Workshop.

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