14 August 2012


This is a postcard I am very fond of despite the wonkiness of something that should be more symettrical. Looking for images of the TARDIS online took me to wikipedia, where I learnt the reason for the TARDIS' iconic appearance - a faulty chameleon circuit. In fact, the TARDIS has more history than I ever imagined! I was very into Doctor Who for the last week because Series 5 was available on iview.

Approximately 19cm x 11cm.

Sent to Noivedya, aka Mark Juddery.

Message: Time. Space. What mean these to those such as us?

Links I like:

Speculative ad campaign for the USPS by Alex Barnard.

Engrossing was a form of artistic writing popular during the Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship, which flourished from the 1870s to about 1920. There are many samples at IAMPETH but my favourite so far is here. How amazing is that?

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Wojtek said...

Indeed, very awesome.