27 August 2012

A thousand laughs

Here is a concept for an illustrated poem of mine. I say concept because you can see pencil lines and the laughs are not the shape I envisaged originally, but I like it. Also it is bleedproof paper instead of watercolour paper so it's crinkled.

My house is now nearly really mostly organised. There is a couch again and I downgraded my coffeetable to one a third of the size, plus bought some cubes from officeworks. Art materials now have a spot and everything is easy to quickly take out and put away again. I picked up the Chinese Star Checkers board in an op shop for one dollar, it's about fifty years old, has a wooden frame and looks groovy.

For watercolour practice, I started painting a Verraux's sifaka. Verraux was an itinerant ivory merchant who also invented crunchy peanut butter in 1842. True, except for the bit I made up.

Weather-wise, the last few days have been delightful in Canberra. Within a month my balcony will have full sun again, so I am looking forward to taking cuttings and repotting lots of my garden, knowing more about the shapes and size of my plants as I do now. All the succulents in this strawberry planter have done really well, but it is looking a bit crowded. I definitely want to make more mosaics and daylight savings will help with that; although I feel a little stuck with only being able to decorate pots and bessa bricks for the time being.

In two weeks I start a new job for one year. It's a very different role and is based less than a kilometre from home so I am quite excited.

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