27 August 2012

A thousand laughs

Here is a concept for an illustrated poem of mine. I say concept because you can see pencil lines and the laughs are not the shape I envisaged originally, but I like it. Also it is bleedproof paper instead of watercolour paper so it's crinkled.

My house is now nearly really mostly organised. There is a couch again and I downgraded my coffeetable to one a third of the size, plus bought some cubes from officeworks. Art materials now have a spot and everything is easy to quickly take out and put away again. I picked up the Chinese Star Checkers board in an op shop for one dollar, it's about fifty years old, has a wooden frame and looks groovy.

For watercolour practice, I started painting a Verraux's sifaka. Verraux was an itinerant ivory merchant who also invented crunchy peanut butter in 1842. True, except for the bit I made up.

Weather-wise, the last few days have been delightful in Canberra. Within a month my balcony will have full sun again, so I am looking forward to taking cuttings and repotting lots of my garden, knowing more about the shapes and size of my plants as I do now. All the succulents in this strawberry planter have done really well, but it is looking a bit crowded. I definitely want to make more mosaics and daylight savings will help with that; although I feel a little stuck with only being able to decorate pots and bessa bricks for the time being.

In two weeks I start a new job for one year. It's a very different role and is based less than a kilometre from home so I am quite excited.

22 August 2012


I have just started reading The Rise of The Fifth Estate by Greg Jericho of Grog's Gamut. Now that the book is out I hope to read more regular political commentary on his blog again.

Anyway, the book includes the estimate that there may be as many as 200 million blogs in existence at the moment. Conservatively, for the last five years, around two million new ones have been created every month.

This is rather a lot.

So thanks.

Thanks for choosing to visit me.

14 August 2012


This is a postcard I am very fond of despite the wonkiness of something that should be more symettrical. Looking for images of the TARDIS online took me to wikipedia, where I learnt the reason for the TARDIS' iconic appearance - a faulty chameleon circuit. In fact, the TARDIS has more history than I ever imagined! I was very into Doctor Who for the last week because Series 5 was available on iview.

Approximately 19cm x 11cm.

Sent to Noivedya, aka Mark Juddery.

Message: Time. Space. What mean these to those such as us?

Links I like:

Speculative ad campaign for the USPS by Alex Barnard.

Engrossing was a form of artistic writing popular during the Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship, which flourished from the 1870s to about 1920. There are many samples at IAMPETH but my favourite so far is here. How amazing is that?

12 August 2012

The Invention of Paper

I bumped into Erika, my bookbinding teacher, at the supermarket. She works at the National Library of Australia and has a blog at Behind the scenes.

I have not written a lot about bookbinding at thousandeye, but I have finished Bookbinding for Beginner's at CIT twice. It is an excellent course. I might do it again before the end of the year, depending on how busy my subject at University turns out to be.

There is nothing like making your own notebook and filling it. It is also good to understand how books are constructed. You will never look at them the same again. The course also gave me the confidence to work with paper, card, glue and a bone folder, which has aided immeasurably in the construction of postcards. I have made heaps of little notebooks as gifts since then and people love them.

I love it when a postcard comes together.

Original pictures from Ernie the CaveKing and Sherlock the Smart Person in THE INVENTION OF PAPER by Daniel Wilcox, Copyright 1975 Children's Television Workshop.

10 August 2012


Niece's birthday.



I can't show you back of the next card because it is in code. Tried some sewing with linen thread too.

08 August 2012

Postbox Postcard

This was a fairly simple inspiration to execute.

On the back it says, "Send and ye shall receive."

Sent to a work colleague.

If I was Australia Post I would have these die-cut. Could maybe even do the logo that way too. Letterpress messages on the back like, "Show you care. Write to Grandma." Give it away to school kids when they check out the GPO. Plenty of ways to rustle up business.

Don't forget the magic of mail.

07 August 2012

Panda and Sitar

This is not the name of the latest hipster-music-sensation.

This is a panda I drew of which I am unaccountably fond.

Kanala of Austria played a sitar concert at My Rainbow Dreams.


05 August 2012


I spent a few hours drawing and painting on the weekend. Mainly with watercolour, but also ink. Given I am a member of the, "I can't draw club", I seem to be making some progress. Watercolour is a versatile medium.

An illustrated poem by me.

02 August 2012

Rabbit Season

I really like the book I Am A Bunny by Ole Risom, illustrated by Richard Scarry.

It inspired me to draw some bits and pieces that I painted with watercolour.

I also wrote a poem which I combined with the picture.