12 July 2012

Hanging around

My week off is nearly finished and I have been making things, tidying up and relaxing. It turns out that Canberra had the coldest June since the invention of the digging stick. With the carbon tax having recently commenced, Australians have risen to the challenge of finding alternative means of doing the same thing. This is me below trying to stay warm. I may even need to finally buy a television.

I decided to make nine notebooks as gifts and have sent five off already. Two were a conventional A6 size, with stamps and other decorations. For my young nephew and nieces I made them A5 size with felt covers and did them a title page each. It's acryclic felt from Spotlight, 16 pages each, hand sewn.

I received an invitation to a baptism in Adelaide in the mail, but decided not to RSVP via SMS as it gave me a chance to use an illustration for a postcard. The picture is by Joan Gale Thomas from God Of All Things and is appropriate. It is from 1948. I sent three other postcards this week, but they were mostly decorated with stickers.

A bunch of other stamps arrived from America, including the alphabet I used for the kids books. Although the font is vintage typewriter I was hoping it would be a little bit sharper. These two stamps below are pretty cool, as they are my initials.

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