24 July 2012

A story with pictures

Here is a cool photo, maybe I posted it before, it is from somewhere in Italy - I don't remember where I took it, but I love the flowing forms.

On the weekend I made my sister a birthday card (with the stamps I carved, but for the lettering) and a notebook.

I also made a card for a lady that was leaving work. Kind of my first time focussing on watercolour for an image. Good medium - no need for strong outlines! Marie loves Murray Grey cattle and she has a rural property.

I posted a few postcards today. Continuing the theme of historical Italian magazines with my parents. Natesh lives to fly his remote controlled planes. I still have a lot of blue card stock, but picked up heaps more offcuts on the weekend and have many new colours to play with.

When I was planning Marie's card I was hunting for fairly stylised images of chickens in case I drew a whole farm. I saw this old canister in a shop. It was a pretty simple image, so I copied it. I used a Pental Aquash pen for the outline and filled it in with gouache. I do like working on mount board.

Eventually, I had an ephiphany of sorts. It's time to start decorating my own writings, poetry mainly.

Actually, I first thought about this after seeing Jung's Red Book. Lately I have been very focussed on children's books and illustration generally, perhaps feeling like I have neglected my poetry, but without inspiration what can you do?

Appreciate what you have more.

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