26 June 2012


I didn't get a new job and decided to return to blogging.

Here are some postcards I made recently to kick things off. I try to make postcards every week - if you want one then email me, via my profile or leave a comment - c/o a work address is fine. Overseas is also no problem.

I don't always plan postcards too precisely, although sometimes I know exactly what I am going to write. The above went to my nephews and nieces back in Adelaide. The problem with it according to my eldest niece was that I needed to use a different picture, because her sister liked it too much! I figured this meant she wanted her own.

In fact, this was the front cover of a book that I had already started recycling - it was falling to pieces when I got it. This saved a bit of work as usually I stick things with the trusty UHU to mount board, although I did use quite a bit of PVA on the exposed edge to reinforce the cover. To keep everyone happy, I made the older kids separate cards and sent them off yesterday, but there were no stories this time.

Most of the images are from The Poky Little Puppy, copyright Little Golden Books. Except the moon-house. That came out of a French children's activity magazine from the 1970's.

Who doesn't like getting mail?

See you again soon.

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