27 June 2012


Another day, another postcard.

Hard to say if the recipient read it or not.

Politics in Australia is pretty depressing at the moment. Understatement. I find the only antidote is to read Politically Homeless. That linked post provides a pretty interesting take on the whole asyulm seeker debate, particularly given the events today. The author is never sparing with withering critique of anyone or anything, but I usually agree with his take on things.

With further news on turtles, I have been doing a Painting and Drawing class; seven classes, one evening a week. Although I missed a few and it is farily unstructured, I have learnt a little about a few basic concepts. Light, dark, shadows, shapes, colour, tones, all the things that compose the appearance of reality. Enough to be encouraged anyway.

Here is a turtle in guache. The main thing with any artistic effort is keep trying until you get better if you are not satisfied and want to improve. Obviously. He or she kind of has charcter, but that's another story.

The leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is the largest of living turtles, attaining up to two metres in length. No visible shell, but a leathery skin in which the bones of the shell are buried.

Postcard image from The Australian Wonder Book of Knowledge Volume One. No date in it, but I am guessing 1950's.

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