28 June 2012

More postcards

This one is to my parents in Adelaide. Image is a copy of a January 1937 French magazine cover. The more things change? Persimmon stickers because they insist their persimmon tree is barren since I pruned it last year. I am sure this is temporary.

This one is to my neighbour Hugh. Although it is especially fun to post things to people who live next door, I sent it to his work. Image from The Tawny Scrawny Lion.

Birthday Postcards

Here are some recent birthday postcards.

The one to the UK for my second cousin made it in time and in one piece, which was impressive for A4 size.

Image is a copy of an old French magazine cover in a coffee table book I have called Front Page.

For Tejaswi. Image from The Tawny Scrawny Lion.

27 June 2012


Another day, another postcard.

Hard to say if the recipient read it or not.

Politics in Australia is pretty depressing at the moment. Understatement. I find the only antidote is to read Politically Homeless. That linked post provides a pretty interesting take on the whole asyulm seeker debate, particularly given the events today. The author is never sparing with withering critique of anyone or anything, but I usually agree with his take on things.

With further news on turtles, I have been doing a Painting and Drawing class; seven classes, one evening a week. Although I missed a few and it is farily unstructured, I have learnt a little about a few basic concepts. Light, dark, shadows, shapes, colour, tones, all the things that compose the appearance of reality. Enough to be encouraged anyway.

Here is a turtle in guache. The main thing with any artistic effort is keep trying until you get better if you are not satisfied and want to improve. Obviously. He or she kind of has charcter, but that's another story.

The leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is the largest of living turtles, attaining up to two metres in length. No visible shell, but a leathery skin in which the bones of the shell are buried.

Postcard image from The Australian Wonder Book of Knowledge Volume One. No date in it, but I am guessing 1950's.

26 June 2012


I didn't get a new job and decided to return to blogging.

Here are some postcards I made recently to kick things off. I try to make postcards every week - if you want one then email me, via my profile or leave a comment - c/o a work address is fine. Overseas is also no problem.

I don't always plan postcards too precisely, although sometimes I know exactly what I am going to write. The above went to my nephews and nieces back in Adelaide. The problem with it according to my eldest niece was that I needed to use a different picture, because her sister liked it too much! I figured this meant she wanted her own.

In fact, this was the front cover of a book that I had already started recycling - it was falling to pieces when I got it. This saved a bit of work as usually I stick things with the trusty UHU to mount board, although I did use quite a bit of PVA on the exposed edge to reinforce the cover. To keep everyone happy, I made the older kids separate cards and sent them off yesterday, but there were no stories this time.

Most of the images are from The Poky Little Puppy, copyright Little Golden Books. Except the moon-house. That came out of a French children's activity magazine from the 1970's.

Who doesn't like getting mail?

See you again soon.